Arthur Ravanel Bridge

The new Arthur Ravanel Bridge is immense. There are 4 lanes of traffic for each direction across the harbor between Charleston and Mount Pleasant. There is a nice pedestrian walkway that crosses the bridge where you can find a beautiful view of the harbor and cities of Charleston and Mount Pleasant. There is a designated parking area in Patriot's Point that can be used to access the bridge walkway.

W Coleman Blvd & Patriots Point Rd; Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
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Charles' Review

We have walked up the bridge a number of times over the years.

May 2008

We walked the bridge during our May 2008 Spoleto trip. The view was pretty nice and well worth the walk and exercise. We saw a wide angle view of the penninsula stretching across the harbor into Patriots Points, Mount Pleasant, and beyond. There was a cargo ship unloading at the ship yards. A large sail boat passed under the bridge, heading up the Cooper River.

I am a little uneasy with heights. If you contemplate walking up the bridge, be aware that it does shake at the apex of the bridge. There is a large scale shock absorption system built into the superstructure, so this is completely normal and supposed to happen. I still think it was worth it and we'll be doing it again next time too!


If you're looking for a unique view of the city and surrounding harbor area, you might consider walking the bridge too.

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