Pitt Street Bridge

A bridge at the end of Pitt Street used to span Cove Inlet to connect Mount Pleasant to Sullivan's Island. When the newer Ben Sawyer Bridge was constructed, the bridge was no longer used. The city renovated the bridge remains by creating a pedestrian greenway with sodded grass and palmetto trees. The bridge extends to roughly 1/2 of the original length, giving visitors a nice view of the surrounding intracoastal waterway. Locals walk, jog, and fish along the bridge. At the end of the walkway, you can see the remains of the old bridge as it extends toward Sullivan's Island.


End of Pitt Street Bridge

Pitt St and Schweers Lane Mount Pleasant 29464
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Charles' Review

August 2017

I cannot tell you how often we visit Pitt Street.  During some trips we come by after dinner and sit for hours, soaking up the sights and sounds. You can watch the headlights pulse across the Ravenel Bridge.

January 2010 

We decided to welcome 2010 by spending sunset on Pitt Street Bridge. It was no disappointment. The weather was only a little cool, but the sky displayed such vibrant oranges and yellows as the sun set on 2009. Pitt Street Bridge is still one of our favorite places to walk.

Sunset at Pitt Street

Previous trip notes 

The old Pitt Street bridge is an interesting place to visit. It's in a fairly secluded, residential area of Mount Pleasant. There is a medium-sized number of parking spaced. As you leave the parking area and approach the walkway, it is lined with grassy areas and palmettos with benches along the way. I enjoy the view of the marshland and intracoastal waterway. As I mentioned, the area is not very busy and that really lends towards the quiet relaxation as the water laps against sides. Sunsets are really spectacular here and highly recommended.

May 2008 

We stopped by the Pitt Street bridge for a while one evening before going to dinner at Zeus. Unfortunately, it was overcast that night and a storm was moving in. We still had an enjoyable, relaxing hour soaking in the view. I spoke to a family who were catching crawfish. It reminded me of my youth in Louisiana, where my family did the same.

Sunset at Pitt Street

Steven's Review

This is a great location to see views across the harbor. You can get a great view of the downtown peninsula, as well as nice views over to both Sullivan's Island and Fort Sumter. Nice place to see a sunset over downtown. It's a peaceful area far from traffic and noise. There are usually a few fishermen on the bridge end of the walkway.

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