The Battery

Some of the most palatial and historic homes in the South lie along the Battery and East Bay Street. The stretch of homes here facing out on the harbor includes showcase city homes built by ancestral Charleston families, many of whom owned plantations up the Ashley River. For example, the pink house located at the corner of East Battery and Atlantic Street is the Drayton family home. In Charleston's heyday, having a home on the Battery meant that you had really made it. These homes were known the world round. 

Homes along The Battery

Homes along The Battery

Homes along The Battery

Located at the south end of the Battery you will find White Point Gardens, a public area with views out to the harbor. This public area was used during the Civil War to help protect Charleston from harbor attacks. Today you can see cannons and statues on display dedicated to the defense of the city. 

Whitepoint Gardens

 The locals call this the point where the Cooper and Ashley rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean. Large boardwalks run along the seawall. Take note of the plaque embedded at the tip of The Battery. It points out the location of the surrounding Civil War Forts.

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Charles' Review

August 2017

We stop by White Point gardens and The Battery during every trip.  Large birds nest int he trees during the Spring and it is a sight to see!

January 2010 

One of the best choices we made this year was to ring in 2010 at the Battery. It was a cool December 31st with only a small drizzle. As 12:00am approached, we were treated to a wonderful smattering of fireworks across the surrounding islands and towns. From Mount Pleasant to Sullivan's Island across the harbor (to the left and center) to John's Island across the Ashley River (to the right,) people were setting off their own little fireworks displays. There appeared to be a somewhat medium sized display by John's Island. All in all, this was a very special New Years Eve for us to experience such a nice evening at the Battery. 

Previous trip notes 

This Battery is one of my favorite places to visit. The view of the Bay and the line of homes along East Bay Street are hard to beat. A number of things come to mind when I think of The Battery...the elevated walkway along the harbor, the view of the beautiful homes and the relaxation from the sea breeze. You can just make out Fort Sumter. There is a plaque set in the walkway at the tip that points to each of the Civil War forts. The walkway extends quiet a long way. At night, you can catch a glimpse of the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse in the distance and the lights Ravenel Bridge and USS Yorktown. You can take a break and sit in White Point Gardens afterward on hot days If you really like to house watch, you can pick a street out of White Point Gardens. I recommend picking from King Street, Meeting Street, and Church Street. You will find many wonderful homes to see along each of them.

Steven's Review


View of The Battery from the harbor

A good view of the battery can be seen from one of the many harbor tours... 

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