Charleston Crab House

Charleston Crab House

The Charleston Crab House has three area locations. We ate at the downtown restaurant, which is located right on the Market. This location features a rooftop dining patio. The James Island location is located near the intersection of Folly Road and Maybank highway, with decks along the intracoastal waterway. The menu selection offers standard seafood fare, with a few house originals. There is an extensive appetizer selection. Prices are moderate.

41 S Market St; Charleston SC 29401
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Charles' Review

December 2009 

We decided to try the Charleston Crab Shack on John's Island for a change. The interior was disappointing as it looked somewhat rundown. The food did not seem as freshly prepared as the downtown location. I can see the appeal of the outdoor seating along the Wappoo Creek, but I really doubt we will be returning to this location. 

May 2007 I think I ordered the wrong thing. I should have known better than to order fried scallops. The fried green tomatoes were great, though. 

November 2007 Once again, we went with the fried green tomatoes and they were still great! This time around, I ordered what Steven had last time. The fried flounder was very good. It was well seasoned and fried perfectly. I am raising my rating from 7.5 to 8.3.

Steven's Review

I really enjoyed the flavor of the food here! For our appetizer, we ordered the fried green tomatoes, which were served with an apricot marmalade. The tomatoes were a little soft, but combined with the wonderful thick fried batter, the texture was perfect! This is a traditional fried green tomato like you'll find in kitchens all around the South. The apricot sauce was great, adding a full, sweet, fruity flavor that really complimented the tartness of the tomato. For entree, I chose the fried filet of flounder, which I found to be very well cooked. The flavor of the batter was buttery, not plain and flavorless like is often the case in fried seafood. The fish was flaky and fresh, very tasty. I had the Charleston red beans and rice, and collard greens (the vegetable of the day) for sides. These two were not very remarkable. The red rice did have some cajun sausage sliced in it, which added some nice flavor. Servings were very ample. The dining area was really nice inside, with a large bar area downstairs, and a cozy nautical-themed second floor dining room with outdoor rooftop patio overlooking the market. Service was friendly.

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