Charleston Pirate Tours

Eric Lavender, Pirate

Charleston Pirate Tours is a locally-owned tour company.  Eric, accompanied by Captain Bob the macaw most of the time, will take you through the historic district.   You'll learn many things about pirates and what they did around Charleston, the Low Country, and the Caribbean.

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Charles' Review

We have known Eric and Sabrina for a number of years now and they really do it right!

May 2011

Eric, the pirate, and Bob, the macaw, are a great team.   We had a blast during the leisurely walk through the historic district after leaving the Powder Magazine.  I learned more things about pirates than I ever through possible.  Even though we took the tour almost a year ago, there's one thing that keeps coming to mind.  There weren't as many pirates as you may think, which means they ran within a very tight circle. 

Eric knows his pirate lore.  This became pretty evident quickly!  Every now and then, Bob would speak up to add own birdie comments.

Just be sure that you’re up for the walk, because it was kind of long, but I found it a very worthwhile experience and hope to take the tour again one day.

On a side note, Eric also led us through the Old Charleston Jail (Bulldog Tours) on Halloween night in 2010.  He did a great job there too!

Steven's Review

May 2011

I have to say that among the walking tours we have taken in Charleston focusing on local history and lore, this has been the most memorable. Eric is a wealth of information on pirate lore and history, and I certainly enjoyed listening to his tales of Steed Bonnett, Blackbeard and Anne Bonny, among others.

Dressed in pirate garb, and accompanied by Captain Bob, who Eric is quick to point out is the real boss, we walked the back alleys of the old walled-city of Charleston, and passed by historic buildings that may have been frequented by some of the illustrious figures who helped make colonial Charleston a center of trade, folklore and, of course, illegal activity. I certainly learned a thing or two from Eric's entertaining tour, and continue to be surprised about how much we do not know about the history of colonial Charleston, and the pirate age.

The tour is entertaining for both adults and children (who should get quite a treat out of seeing Captain Bob). We got used to being the center of attention, as passers-by could not help but point out the colorful figures who were guiding our tour.

Eric and Captain Bob are happy to pose for pictures, which make for a great way to remember this enlightening tour!

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