Charleston Pokemon

Do you play Pokemon Go?   So do we!   

This information is based upon our trip the Charleston area in August 2017.

The Charleston, South Carolina area is a great place to hunt Pokemon, while you are strolling about the great Charleston Area.  I've collected our first-hand accounts onto this page.


The general downtown Charleston area and Historic district is full of Pokestops.   You can easily hit multiple stops while walking just a few square blocks

Pokestops in the Historic District of Charleston
As example of the Pokestops density in the Historic District of Charleston.  White Point Garden can be seen at the top of the photo


Shem Creek Park in Mount Pleasant has roughly 4 Pokestops (plus 2 additional stops located across the creek) and 1 gym at the entrance of the park.

The area surrounding Fort Moultrie  on Sullivan's Island is what we call our prime go-to spot.   You can circle Fort Moultrie, hitting around roughly 7-8 Pokestops in the area.  There are 2 gym located closer to the beach and you can sometimes take advantage of Pokemon spawning near/in the ocean.


Folly Beach

Lapras- we each caught a wild Lapras one evening near the Folly Beach Fishing Pier



Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park:  There are 4 Pokestops clustered around the fountain.  People regularly place lures on one or more.  There are, perhaps 3 gyms in the park.



Voltorb - Generally everywhere in the historic district


Mangemite - Generally everywhere in the historic district



Pikachu  - Sporadically 


Magikarp:  Generally, around water areas


Mareep; Have seen them in the Taco Boy Parking Lot, Huger Street- once


Omanyte - Saw a few in some areas


Porygon - Hatched 3 from eggs that were picked up.


Swinub - Saw a few, very sporadic


Totadile - Saw a few, very sporadic


Seel - Saw a few, very sporadic, near water areas


Slugma - Saw a few, very sporadic






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