College of Charleston

The College of Charleston is one of the oldest colleges in the US, founded prior to independence. Its campus is located in the heart of historic downtown, very near Marion Square.

66 George Street; Charleston SC 29424
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Charles' Review

It's a nice area to walk around if you happen to be in the area. There are several very scenic walkways amongst the campus buildings where large, old trees drape the sidewalks.

Steven's Review

College of Charleston

If you want a little diversion from the shopping and chaos of King Street, walk a few blocks over to this campus. The Cistern is a large beautiful lawn located in the heart of the campus. The campus is relatively small, however the buildings are old and beautiful, and the landscaping is gracefully Lowcountry. 


Large old oaks draped with Spanish Moss cover the walkways through the campus. A great place to sneak away to for a few quiet, peaceful moments.

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