Cru Cafe

Cru cafe is a small restaurant will big flavor.   There are 3-4 tables outside on the porch, a small bar, and perhaps 12-15 tables inside.

Reservation are essentially required, because it is that popular.  They need to be made at least 1-2 weeks in advances, but I guarantee that will be worth it.


18 Pinckney Street Charleston, SC 29401
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Charles' Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed every meat at Cru.  It quickly became  a staple for our trips.

The Shrimp BLT is so good. The shrimp are always prepared perfectly. 

I chose an Italian meats special sandwich during the trip in May 2017.  It was not the type of sandwich I would normally chose, but it was awesome.   It was also so large that I have to save half of it for another day.


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