Welcome to ChuckTown Chat!

This is the first post for Chucktown Chat - our Charleston blog!

Please bear with us as we continue to bring the site up to current.

There are currently almost 100 attractions on our site and it's going to take a lot of time.

But....there is a plan!

Phase 1: Import all of the existing attractions into a modern content system with mobile device support- COMPLETED 8/15/17!

Phase 2: Add 25 new attractions that we've visited in recent years - COMPLETED 8/17/17!

Phase 3: Zoom all Google maps closer to the street level.  COMPLETED 8/17/17!

Phase 4: Charleston Solar Eclipse trip!  - Almost time!!!!  Sat, August 19 - Thur, August 24

Phase 5  Begin revising and updating attraction descriptions and reviews

Phase 6 Rebuild the Day Trips and Walking Tours- they are currently on hold need to be re-written from scratch.


As I've always said....thank you very much for visiting Explore Charleston and I hope some of our information helps you in some way!

Charles & Steven


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