Morris Island Lighthouse

Although the sea has reclaimed Morris Island, there is still a spectacular view of the Morris Island Lighthouse, surrounded by the sea, from the tip of Folly Beach. As you drive to the end Folly Beach, be very aware of the speed limit . Both speed and parking are strictly enforced, so be sure to park in a legitimate, public parking area. The lighthouse itself is located at the very end of East Ashley Ave. If you enjoy the view of the lighthouse, I recommend making a donation to conservancy group that is stabilizing the light house area. Construction has already begun on this great project.

Far end of East Ashley Ave; Folly Beach SC 29439
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Charles' Review

We have visited the viewing area countless times over the years.  It's a long walk, but under the right weather conditions it's very pleasant!


It's always relaxing to view the Morris Island Lighthouse from Folly Beach. It's best to visit in the morning, before the temperature rises too high. The parking is sparse and it does require walking about 3/4 of a mile. As you leave the walkway, there is slight incline that rises between the sand dunes. You get a very nice view of the lighthouse as you approach the top of the rise and the scene opens to the ocean. There is a fairly wide beach area and outcropping of rocky beach wall. You will usually find a number of locals fishing and a low to medium number of other tourists. This is a great area for photographs.

Steven's Review

You get some breathtaking views of the lighthouse as you walk up the sand dune path leading to the tip of the island. The lighthouse seems to stand in the water with solemn grace and dignity. At lowtide, you can just make out the sandbar that the lighthouse foundation rests on. This area seems desolate and forgotten, but not in a negative way. It's a fun place that gives you a feeling of isolation and escape.

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