Parking Information

Parking in Charleston can be found 4 different ways...

  • Parking Decks are scattered about the city.  These have hourly rates and are much easier to find than street parking.
  • Non-metered Street parking. This is very rare and generally only around White Point Garden and The Battery at the tip of the Charleston peninsula.
  • Metered Street Parking.  It is important to note that parking is regulated fairly heavily.  Watch closely where and how you park to avoid tickets!
    • 30 minute to 1 hour parking.  These areas are generally notated with a red band around the parking meter.
    • Residential Parking Permitted areas.  The vast majority of Residential Parking areas, typically marked with rectangular signs and green lettering.  They typically allow for parking up to 2 hours.
  • Parking lots. These lots are scattered about the city. Some lots have attendants, some have parking meters and some restrict access for monthly rental.

The City of Charleston has a great parking deck resource page, along with an interactive map through

My list primarily focuses on multi-floor parking decks and garages.  Each link will display a map with the surrounding businesses and restaurants.  

The next phase will incorporate lists of attractions that are closest to each parking structure.

**** Please note:   Parking was heavily revised in early 2018.   I will be revising this information eventually  ****



34 Saint Philip Street Parking Deck

69 Wentworth Parking Deck

Charleston Place 85 Hasell Street Parking deck

Cumberland - Concord

Gallard 32 Alexander Street Parking Deck

Magestic 211 King Street Parking Deck

Marion Square Parking Garage

Prioleau Street Parking Garage

Queen - King Parking Garage

SC Aquarium Garage

Visitor's Center Parking Garage

Wentworth Parking Deck

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