Sullivan's is located right on the main street on Sullivan's Island. It is a small restaurant that can really pack in the diners. There is a wonderful nautical theme, and the place really felt like a local favorite. The menu offers seasonal seafood favorites, and the customary sides of vegetable and starches. The food is a real stand-out because of its heaping portions and rish, Southern-style preparation.

2019 Middle St Sullivans Island, SC 29482
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Charles' Review

Unfortunately, it has been several years since we have eaten at Sullivan's, but I do recall leaving with very pleasant memories. We hope to return sometime soon for another visit.  

Steven's Review

As our appetizer, we had the stuffed mushrooms. The crabmeat filling was hot and flavorful. I had the broiled grouper stuffed with crab, which was buttery and luxurious. The corn on the cobb that I had as one of my sides was steamy and tasted fresh off the farm. The baked potato was served wrapped in aluminum foil. The food and service here all really felt like it was prepared at home.

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