Ted's Butcherblock

Ted's Butcherblock is a locally owned and operated deli, meat market, wine shop, and specialty food store. It features both fresh refrigerated goods such as cheeses, specialty canned goods like preserves and spices, as well as a cooked-to-order deli counter featuring a nice selection of sandwiches, paninis and sides.

The highlight is a full-service butcher counter.  They have large selection bacon and Specialty items produced locally.


334 E Bay St
Charleston SC 29401
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Charles' Review

August 2017

We try to stop by Ted's once during every trip!  We love the sandwiches!  We almost always pick up something to eat the next day when we return home.

January 2010 

Ah, Ted's...what else can I say. Although they gave us a rocky start on our first visit, the service improved afterward and food...the food is so wonderful! I decided to go a little different this time. I had the grilled vegetable panini that had grilled marinated vegetables, farmhouse cheddar, and a house vinaigrette. It melted in my mouth and the slaw was as good as I remembered. Ted's...it's now a staple visit for a lite lunch and a great option for lunch on the beach during the summer. My only disappointment was that they closed early and we were unable to take an order home with us on the way out of town! I had intended to buy fresh gnocchi and marinara for dinner that week at home. We shall try this again during the next trip!

Previous Trip Notes

We decided to stay a few extra hours before returning home and thought Ted's Butcherblock would make a nice quick bite to eat. I was somewhat wrong about this. Our two sandwich order was lost between the 7 foot distance that separated the cash register and the sandwich area. I don't know how this happened, but it put me in a bad mood and that was disappointing, considering that Ted's was our last stop before leaving town. This is where I'm torn though. I already love panini sandwiches and this sandwich was awesome. I had the New Orleans style panini, which consisted of mortadella, capicolla, salami, sharp provolone, roasted red peppers, green olive tapenade. This was an excellent deal at $7. I am going to chalk the bad side of our experience to the person operating the register having an extremely off day. We've already decided that we'll be returning to Teds and give them a second chance. The food is just too good to pass up.

Steven's Review

Ted's has a very limited seating area if you want to order a sandwich to dine in. The walls and counters are well-stocked with imported goods and wines. I ordered the chicken, pancetta & avocado sandwich at the deli, along with a side of smoked gouda mac and cheese. Both of these were absolutely delicious. The flavors were fresh and rich. The sandwich was great. However, our order was lost at the deli counter, and we had to go back to remind the guy working at the cash register that we were there waiting for food. We will definitely return, however, as the food was delicious. Hopefully, the service will actually be attentive next time. Perhaps they focus more on customers coming in to pick up orders than they do on their dine in patrons... I would highly recommend Ted's for a hot or cold sandwich if you are going on a picnic, or to pack for lunch the next day.

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