Universalist Church Cemetery

The cemeteries of Charleston are one of its best kept secrets. The graveyard of the Unitarian Universalist Church lies at one endpoint of the Gateway Walk. The graveyard is open daily to the public. It has some centuries old gravesites and stones, and is a wild, beautiful and peaceful corner of the Historic District. Graves are covered with wildflowers and other seasonal bushes, providing a lush and verdant landscape. It's truly a secret garden.

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King St and Gateway Walk Charleston SC 29401
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Charles' Review

I'm amazed how quiet it is within the walkway leading up to the cemetery and the cemetery itself is. The whole area is a lush green with blooming flowers in the Spring. It is purposely left in a wild like state and I believe that lends to the attraction of the cemetery.

Steven's Review

This is yet another one of those beautiful little spots that you just happen to run across while exploring Charleston. I love to see the flowers in bloom here. The grounds are not heavily manicured, so there is a real wild feel to the site, making it feel a little mysterious and supernatural. It's a very photogenic spot.

Universalist Church Cemetery

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